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“Thank you so much for all your efforts and all your hard work. I know that you guys put forth more effort than any of the other agencies I was working with, so I want you to know that I really appreciate that.”
Heidi. Family Assistant

“Thank you again, you were such a tremendous help in finding the match. I’m really, really excited to start, we’re all really looking forward to it. So thanks again”
Michelle. Nanny in San Francisco

“I wanted to let you know how very much I appreciate my placement, this is a very good family and once again you’ve done a good job of matching the family and nanny, thank you very much.”
Jean- live in nanny in San Francisco

“I really, really enjoyed working with you. If I know anyone else who’s looking I’ll be sure to send them your way.”
MaryAnn, live in nanny

“One of the things that I’m very impressed with is that you call the nanny after her interview with a family and give feedback and the reason the family may have gone with someone else. None of the other agencies I’ve worked with have ever done that and it’s very hard as a nanny because I’ve no idea if there’s something I need to be working on. It’s so pleasant working with you guys because I always know who I’m working with and what’s going on. Thank you.”
Cindy, San Francisco nanny/baby nurse

“I love the places you put me in, wonderful people! If all goes well I can see staying there for 15 years! Thank you, I wanted to say Hi to everyone and thanks for all your help.”
Rosa, Executive Housekeeper

“…I accepted the job. I feel extremely confident and happy about my decision. Laura and Michael are too: so much, that they already have an assignment for me, It seems as this isn’t only a job with great people and great benefits, but also one that will be a stimulating experience for me personally.
I want to personally thank you for the wonderful help you’ve been. When I dropped into Aunt Ann’s on Keven’s suggestion and somewhat on a whim, I never expected to find such wonderful people who go out of their way to help someone. You have
been invaluable to this next step in my life, and I am extremely grateful.”
Thomas, Nanny

“Everything you’ve done over the past few months for me has been wonderful. Thank you.”
Suzie. Nanny, Lake Tahoe, CA

“I really love working with your agency you are the most helpful agency I’ve worked with, I just find that you are so nice and personable. You know the other agency is okay but they don’t seem to care the way you guys do.”
Kirsi. Nanny/Family Assistant San Mateo