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“We were very pleased with our entire experience with Aunt Ann’s In-House Staffing, and especially with our consultant, Allie Honniball.  Allie was professional and caring throughout the process and we would highly recommend her to any new parent in search of the perfect person to care for their child.   We initially reached out to Allie after a very bad experience with another agency.  As first time parents preparing to return to work, we were in search for the ideal full-time nanny for our newborn son.  Despite a nearly three month search process, The other agency was unable to provide us with quality candidates as they seemed more focused on their fee than with helping us.  Allie, specifically, was just the opposite – she listened carefully, advised us soundly, and quickly gave us multiple strong candidates to choose from.  Our anxiety and stress quickly passed with Allie’s help and the placement of the perfect nanny for us just a week into our search.  Allie and Aunt Ann’s were also very helpful as they advised us on choosing a payroll service for our nanny.  Given our very positive experience with Allie on our full time nanny search, we also turned to her for help finding a part-time night nanny.  As expected, this too was a similarly positive experience.   Thank you Allie and Aunt Ann’s – you’ve allowed us to focus on what’s most important, our newborn son!” David & Bryan

“Wanted to thank you again for your dog sitting services. Josi and Marvin were absolutely delightful. We highly recommend them to anyone else. Can’t get over how nice they were. Finley had an amazing time, as he is exhausted from having too much fun.” Chad and Tiffani

“I had the pleasure of working with Allie and her team for an event that needed childcare services for 18 children (1-12 yrs old). Allie was very professional and accommodating. She catered to all our needs and planned various activities to keep the children engaged. I would highly recommend their services!” Sonam, UCSF Department of Pediatrics

“[My employer] really trusts your judgment and your contacts…..they’re very interested in anything you’ve got.” “the problem I’m having with your people is that they are all fabulous. Your people are really good, far better than anything I’m seeing in LA. Of the 8 people you sent 6 or 7 of them could have been hired.”
Kristin former head of security for a well-known celebrity

“Thank you for supplying yet another outstanding candidate. (Our Candidate) has adapted quickly and well to her position as Wardrobe Assistant.”

“Thanks again, for your consistent, professional assistance. It is always a pleasure to work with you.”

“I am the second of three generations of women who have found excellent household staff with the caring help of Aunt Ann’s agency. Over the years I have also tried finding help on my own through ads online and in the papers and it has always been an enormous amount of work and yielded poor to no results. I am now employing three people I met through Aunt Anne’s. The staff are caring and take time to really understand the needs of the client. It is an established business with a long history of excellence.”
Carolyn  – client. San Francisco, CA

“ …thank you for all the help you gave me in looking for a new housekeeper.”
Frances – client. San Francisco, CA

“Thank you so much! You are wonderful.”
Liz – client. San Francisco, CA

“Your written materials were fantastic and you were great. Keep my file on hand because I will call you again.”

“I appreciate all the work you did in presenting us good candidates. I enjoyed working with you, you were always very professional and always a pleasure to work with. I will certainly register with Aunt Ann’s in the future.”

“Thank you very much for your diligence, quick response and expertise in delivering a field of excellent potential candidates and for providing us with our new house staff team member.”
Michael, house-manager in Portola Valley

“Thank you for your help. You just really understand what I want, it’s so gratifying knowing that you’re still out there, you do such a good job, you really do…“
Jeanie, housekeeping client in San Francisco

“It’s a match! I appreciate all that you have done. You were tireless in your efforts on our behalf and that didn’t go unrecognized. Down the road I hope to work with you again. Thank you.”
Samantha, family assistant client in Menlo Park

“I really, really want to thank you for all of your help. You’ve been a sheer delight to work with and it’s been a very needy time for me. It’s been extraordinarily good to hear someone from your end sounding so helpful and supportive and just…. being there, so I want to thank you for that.”
Nancy, baby nurse client in San Francisco

“I appreciate you following up on everything and getting me to focus. Some days it’s harder than others when I get sidetracked with the kids. Thanks so much for all your help, I appreciate it. And once again thanks for all your help, you’ve been really wonderful throughout this whole crazy thing, I appreciate all you’ve done for us. “
Julia, nanny client in Woodside

“Thank you so much… I love referring friends to you because of the way in which you treat them and the quality of your work is just so stellar and appreciated, so thank you, you are so thoughtful….”
Laura. Nanny client in San Francisco

“I really appreciate you doing this so quickly for me, you’re really making my life a much happier place that I can do this…. Thank you again”
Leslie. Temp Nanny client in Ross

“…Thank you for all of your help! You have been such a pleasure to work with!”
Jillian – client. Atherton, CA

“I had a really great day and met so many wonderful people. I’m really excited about quite a few of them, both baby nurses and nannies. Thank you very much.”
Courtney, Portolla Valley, cc client

“I would trust your judgement because I know Komal thinks you’re wonderful and Tracy does too.”
Sybilla, Woodside, cc client

“I just have to tell you you have a much better reputation than other agencies amongst the nannies out there. Several of my friends have nannies and their nannies recommended your agency over any other which is how we ended up working with you. I just wanted you to know that you were doing a great job.”
Serena, San Francisco, cc client

“It was very easy to work with you, I really appreciate your attentiveness to our family’s needs and also for putting up some pretty dynamite candidates that we were able to choose from.”
Mark, Burlingame, cc client

“Thanks. You are a pro, and make it easy to work with you.”
Peter – client. Oakland, CA

“You’ve got some really high caliber candidates, thank you so much for all your help.”
Dawn, Childcare client

“The relationship with your agency was mutually beneficial. We are very happy to recommend your service to others.”
August, Hillsborough, domestic client

“Thank you I thought you were incredibly helpful, as I’m sure you know part time searches are so difficult. We got nothing but excellent service and we look forward to working with you again.”
Cliff, Pacifica, Childcare client

“Thank you very much for getting back to me, I must say it’s delightful to hear your voice again, you have such a reassuring way about you.”
Linda. Domestic client. Atherton

“We found that you were a lot more thorough than the other company. We have always worked with them until our chef recommended we call you. We have been very impressed. We understand that sometimes you’re going to call us as soon as you’ve met someone, with the other company we were sometimes waiting for days for the references. One thing we really like is that your paperwork follows within 24 hours. We have a lot of people we work with and we will be sure to refer them to you from now.”
Amy (PA for Julie) . Childcare client. Redwood Shores

“Your agency is so fabulous, so wonderful. You interview candidates and then ‘boom’ they arrive in our fax machine! My assistant and I have talked about this, we are both so impressed with the way you work.”
Shirley. Childcare client. Menlo Park

“You placed a temporary nanny in our home and I just wanted to let you know everything went superbly. It couldn’t have been a better fit at a better time. Your nanny is everything all those references said she was and more! We even discussed the possibility of doing more work with her although timing may mean we aren’t able to do that. I do want to let you know if she needs a reference we would be honored to give her one. And thank you and your agency so much. Everything was done so professionally, so perfectly, we just really appreciate it. We wouldn’t hesitate to call you in a heartbeat in the future.”
Karen. San Francisco temp nanny client

“We received your name from a co-worker. She did a nanny search with you and said that you were really great to work with so we’d like to do a search through you too for a nanny for our newborn.”
Liz. Childcare client. San Mateo

“Thank you for your help last week it was so fantastic to be able to call you and to have this turned around so quickly”
Elizabeth , Childcare client San Francisco

“Thank you for your help, it keeps hope alive in my heart that there are people out there like you that are so willing and so gracious to generously devote a good portion of their time to help me in my quest.”
Stephanie. San Fancisco inquiry call

“Thank you so much, I was expecting service but not the level of service that you provided to me. Given everything that was happening in our lives I really appreciated all the super extra efforts that you extended in working with me very closely and making just an incredible extra effort that I wouldn’t even have expected. I wanted to say thank you so much, obviously you found the right person for us, we’re extremely happy with our nanny and she’s very happy in her job as well…. I’ve worked with agencies before and been happy with their service but you went so far above and beyond. We were so busy with everything and so very overwhelmed with so much going on in our lives it was so wonderful to have both my hands held throughout the whole thing. So once again, thank you it was really very pleasurable working with you and we’re grateful for your help.”
Kathleen, Childcare client. Palo Alto