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If you need assistance with child care, it’s an excellent choice to hire a nanny. An experienced caregiver will manage daily schedules, prepare meals, and protect your little one’s well-being, all while providing a positive, loving, and secure environment in your home. Once you’re ready to get started, the information below will help you navigate both the recruitment and employment process.

Quick Guide to Hiring a Nanny

Determining Your Family’s Needs

First, decide what type of provider your family requires. Are you seeking care for a newborn, children of multiple ages, a school-aged child? Do you need help with driving them to daily activities, setting play dates, or making nutritious meals? Once you write a job description, you will be able to find a professional who has the right skill set and experience.

Finding a Staffing Company

Search for a matchmaking service in your area with a reputation and resources. The company should be well established in your area, have positive client reviews, and assure a professional match during the placement process. Ask if they interview their clients and candidates, check for their employment eligibility, and confirm their references. They should also complete candidate background checks and take enough time to find a caregiver with the right expertise and personality.

Selecting a Candidate

Once you find an experienced staffing agency, register in their system. Provide them with your job description and consult with their team about fees, expected salary, and benefits. After you finish this step, it’s time for the company to set up candidate interviews. The best matchmakers will allow for a working interview in your home, in which the nanny will provide services for 1-5 days to see if the relationship is a fit.

When you’re comfortable with a provider and are ready to make a hire, your matchmaking team will complete a comprehensive background review, including checks of court records and social media profiles. They will also help write your official job description, job offer, and confidentiality agreement.

Once the formalities are complete, you will have peace of mind knowing a trusted, mature, and expert caregiver will be there for your children. Aunt Ann’s In-House Staffing of San Francisco County is a candidate matchmaking agency that provides each of the services above, with 60 years of experience offering highly qualified child caregivers, including newborn care specialists, baby nurses, and babysitters. To begin the process of finding the ideal nanny for your child anywhere in the Bay Area, including cities like Atherton, Burlingame, and Redwood City, call their staffing team at (415) 749-3650. For information about the agency’s minimum qualifications, as well as typical duties for their nannies, visit their website.