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Hiring a nanny is a serious commitment. You’re leaving them in charge of your kids, so you want to choose the best candidate possible. If you aren’t sure what to look for, below are four traits a qualified caretaker will have.



Experience Working with Kids

An experienced nanny should know what’s involved in taking care of children, and how to handle difficult situations or emergencies. Backgrounds in day cares, nanny jobs, preschools, or volunteering at children’s camps display reliability, while any education in child care is a bonus.


Certifications in Pediatric Safety, First Aid and CPR

If the worst happens, you want to be confident that your nanny can handle it. Certifications in child safety, first-aid, and CPR are critical to knowing your child is in safe hands, and it shows the candidate is serious about the job and keeping children safe. Valid courses can be from national or local agencies, but they should show certification that they’ve completed the class.


Kindness and Patience

Children are curious, stubborn, and still developing, so they can be a handful! If your candidate is patient, you can trust that they’ll handle any frustrating situations without getting angry with your child. Kindness is a must, too, as children are intuitive sponges that are affected by negative reactions from others. They deserve to be treated with gentleness and understanding.


Creativity and Energy

Kids can be high-energy, constantly on the go, or looking for something to do. Your candidate should be able to keep up with them. A creative person will keep them busy with crafts, games, and activities, which will entertain and help them develop key skills.