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Bringing home a new baby is a wonderful experience for families, and it can also be a time of stress and challenges. Creating a routine and figuring out how to transition into your new lifestyle can take time, especially if you’ve had a complicated birth. A postpartum doula focuses on “mothering the mother” and helps acclimate parents during the first few weeks by providing evidence-based information, family support, and care for the baby. The list of do’s and don’ts below explains several factors to expect from a postpartum doula.


Provide emotional and physical support.

The postpartum doula offers emotional support to help assist with the new baby. They offer encouragement and respect the family’s parenting style while providing time for parents to ask questions and have concerns addressed. The doula also offers physical support by assisting with newborn care, breastfeeding questions, or watching older children, which allows the new mom time to rest and recover.

Provides unbiased information.

The doula relies on evidence-based information, so they can give parents the proper data to make informed decisions on how to care for the baby. They are also advocates for mothers and can help them effectively communicate with the nanny or other care providers. The postpartum doula also gives the mother referrals to the appropriate agencies and health care providers, as needed.


Share your personal information.

The postpartum doula is a professional and should treat the clients, their family members, friends, and care givers with respect and kindness. The cannot share their client’s health or personal information with other people or agencies without the client’s consent. This includes sharing photos or information on social media or repeating private conversations.

Assist beyond their limitations.

A certified postpartum doula should not work beyond their scope of practice. They can’t speak for the mother or provide medical care. They ensure that the mother and baby are receiving the proper nutrition and rest and provide medical referrals if they notice that postpartum recovery for the mom and baby are not progressing normally.

Welcoming a new baby is the perfect time to consider assistance from a postpartum doula. Contact the team at Aunt Ann’s In-House Staffing in San Francisco Bay area to discuss the needs of your family. They offer quality staffing solutions, including nannies, housekeepers, and private chefs to help lighten the load for new parents. To learn more about their services, call (415) 749-3650 or visit them online.