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You may not require a full-time nanny or housekeeper, but perhaps you could benefit from part-time help. Aunt Ann’s In-House Staffing has long been known as the premier provider of in-home staffing services in the San Francisco Bay Area. For over 50 years, they have helped the most esteemed estates in the area hire qualified household employees from a pool of carefully selected and vetted applicants.

Aunt Ann’s In-House Staffing has remained a success for over half a century because they know the importance of changing with the times while continuing to honor the business’ tradition of attentiveness, personalized service, and uncompromisingly high standards. From running errands that you simply can’t fit into your schedule and cleaning up playrooms, to acting as household manager and washing laundry, to changing diapers and doing dishes, a part-time in-home staff member can help your household run smoothly and free up a little of your time.


Due to the increasingly busy schedule of the modern American family, Aunt Ann’s has seen a surge in requests for nannies and other part-time household staff in recent years. These part-time assistants can be a true wonder for the family on-the-go. Think of them as one part nanny and one part housekeeper, with a dash of personal assistant thrown in.


Scheduling and tasks are left entirely to your discretion; Aunt Ann’s In-House Staffing will simply work with your needs and lifestyle to find a part-time helper that fits in with your family. Whether you’re busy with a newborn or working long hours and unable to get dinner on the table, a nanny can help restore a little order to your household. For more information on hiring part-time household help in the Bay Area, call Aunt Ann’s In-House Staffing at (415) 749-3650.