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If you’re looking for academically focused care for your child, then hiring a governess may be the most appropriate option. Unlike a nanny, a governess will tend to your child’s academic needs in the home. They are expertly trained in areas like language, art, and literature and are well-prepared to teach your child what they need to know to excel. By enlisting the help of Aunt Ann’s In-House Staffing, you’ll be able to identify the most highly qualified governesses in the Bay Area and find one that is most suited to your home and family.

When you hire a governess, your child will benefit in ways you never thought possible. In fact, here are three reasons why hiring a governess is great for your child:


  • They Help Your Child Excel: Many governesses are certified teachers or Master’s degree candidates. These highly trained professionals are well-educated and extremely prepared to impart their knowledge in a way that fully enhances your child’s academic pursuits.
  • They Provide Quality Care: While nannies and governesses typically have different roles, many governesses are willing to do double duty. They’ll provide quality care and education so your child can have the stability he or she needs to stay healthy and happy.
  • They Tend to Emotional Needs: In addition to providing a strong foundation for your child’s education, a governess is also responsible for making sure your child is developing age-appropriate emotional and psychological patterns.


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