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Staying with a nanny is a big change for your children, and you want to ensure a smooth transition. The nanny will play an important role in their day-to-day lives and is someone they’ll build a lasting bond with. It’s not always easy if they’re shy, so use proven tips to help them prepare and become comfortable more quickly.

Let Them Know Before Meeting

You should first let them know about the new nanny. Explain why you’re hiring the nanny and address any fears or concerns they have. You can tell them a bit about the nanny based on what you’ve learned. If they’re transitioning to a new nanny, explain why the old one is no longer with them. Telling them in advance will give time for clarity and build confidence for the meet-and-greet.


Schedule a Trial Day

Children can have a hard time being left alone with the nanny, so schedule a meet-and-greet and practice day first. Be present in the home while your children interact with the nanny and be mindful to stay away as much as possible. This is a good chance for your children to build trust and also get to know the nanny. You’ll also have an opportunity to monitor the nanny and provide any feedback.


Share a Favorite Activity 

You want your children to feel comfortable, so schedule a favorite activity with the nanny. It can be a trip to the park, a sports event, or simply a day out on the town. This is a fantastic chance for the nanny and your children to learn about one another, and they may begin to associate the nanny with their favorite activities.