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nanny can be an indispensable help to busy parents. These professionals provide reliable care, allowing you to focus on other responsibilities while giving you peace of mind that your little one is in the best possible hands. But how can you be certain that your child will be comfortable? Easing into the relationship is the best way. Here’s how to introduce your child to their new caregiver.


Give them a head’s up.

If your little one knows what to expect, they won’t be caught off guard by a new person in the home. Remember that even after you tell them, they may still be a little anxious, but it’s important that they are in on the conversation.

Explain that the person will help take care of them, play with them, and give them meals. Kids mirror their parents’ behavior, and if they know you feel confident with this new face, they are likely to feel more comfortable.


Schedule a trial.

Invite the new nanny over to spend the day with your child, allowing your little one to be in the company of someone else. Include the nanny in every aspect of the day, from playtime to mealtime, so your child knows their role when they become a regular part of the household. Allow the nanny to play an integral role and take the lead in steps like plating food or announcing nap time.


Maintain consistency.

Change can be alarming for anyone, but little ones may feel especially daunted if they are faced with a new and unfamiliar situation. Make it as smooth, seamless, and familiar to them as possible by keeping their routine structured.

Stick with the same schedule, and have their favorite stuffed animals, toys, and games available for their comfort. The idea is to help them realize that the comforts of home are never far away, even if you aren’t with them at every moment.