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If you’re looking for a nanny to take care of your children, preparing a contract is essential. Although a nanny contract doesn’t need to be complex, it should clearly spell out your expectations for the new caregiver. By including these five details in your contract, you can eliminate possible conflicts and misunderstandings before they have the opportunity to emerge.



1. A List of All Duties

Household duties should be explicitly laid out in your contract. Be sure to include detailed descriptions of childcare, cleaning, cooking, and other chores to prevent confusion. In the event a nanny doesn’t live up to your expectations, you can simply refer back to the contract.


2. Pay Information

Include your nanny’s schedule and pay rate. Overtime pay is another consideration. It’s usually provided when a home worker exceeds 40 hours per week. In addition, let your nanny know if you don’t plan on withholding taxes, since they’ll be responsible for paying their own taxes as a result.


3. Benefits

Do you plan on providing sick days and vacation time? If so, state how many days the nanny will be afforded, as well as who gets to pick out the weeks suitable for vacation. For example, if you provide two weeks of vacation, you can specify one week while the nanny can decide the other. Make sure you have a process in place for securing backup assistance for sick days.


4. Modifications

You might have to change your nanny agreement over time. Include instructions on how changes can be made, such as by scheduling changes as your child grows older. Your nanny may also request changes as your working relationship evolves.


5. Resignation and Termination

Most importantly, include a list of reasons why you may choose to terminate the contract. Reasons can range from serious matters such as theft or major inconveniences, including chronic lateness. You should also include language on how much notice is needed for resignation or for termination in the event of less serious issues.