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If you know you need childcare, but aren’t sure what kind of provider best suits your needs, we at Aunt Ann’s are here to help! Today we’re breaking down these various roles to help you decide the best type of provider for your family.


Newborn Care Specialist (a.k.a. NCS or Night Nanny)
Newborn Care Specialists are certified individuals who are well-versed in monitoring the behaviors of newborns and caring for multiples or premature babies. They help establish good eating and sleep habits, offer guidance for breastfeeding or formula, and provide emotional, educational and non-judgmental support to parents. They are trained to recognize when a baby’s development is outside the range of normal, as well as symptoms of Postpartum Mood Disorders. NCS typically work nights or around the clock and are usually contracted to work through the first 3-4 months of baby’s life. An NCS should stay up-to-date on recent information regarding newborn care and have a wealth of resources to share with parents.
Nannies are either part-time or full-time childcare providers usually employed to work a minimum of one year. They are given full autonomy while parents work during the day and their experience can range from newborn to school-age children. A nanny’s duties revolve around children and can include planning daily activities such as music, gym or dance classes, scheduling play dates, embarking on outdoor adventures to local parks, museums or pools, preparing meals and snacks for children as well as handling their laundry and keeping play areas tidy. They often offer flexibility to work occasional overnights, date nights or extended weekday hours, and some will travel with families on vacation. Nannies may have Early Childhood Education experience, have worked in or ran their own daycare, and/or may be familiar with specific child-rearing philosophies like Montessori or Waldorf. All nannies should be up-to-date on their CPR Certification and vaccinations.
Family Assistant
A family assistant typically works for a household with older, school-age children and their duties extend far beyond childcare. In addition to driving children to school and activities, Family Assistants help with household management. Their responsibilities can include managing the family calendar, scheduling and attending the children’s doctor appointments, picking up the dry cleaning, planning and hosting birthday parties, household organization, shopping, pet care, meal planning or preparing meals for the family, and coordinating travel. They may have varying qualifications like a college degree, background in Early Childhood Development, or other transferable skills and should excel at organization and communication.
Private tutors provide one-to-one educational assistance to elementary or secondary school students. Tutors may be employed for a few hours weekly or for full-time homeschooling. Often they are able to tutor a broad range of subjects and may specialize in certain areas, such as math, the sciences, or a foreign language. Private educators assist students in their coursework and can build upon a school’s curriculum to tailor lesson plans to a child’s specific learning needs. They keep parents updated with progress reports and act as liaison between teachers, parents and administrators. Tutors should have a Bachelor’s or Master’s degree, teaching credentials and/or tutor certification.
Still unsure? Give us a call or send an email and we’ll be happy to help figure out the best solution!