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“Butler” may sound like an outdated term, but at Aunt Ann’s In-House Staffing, they know it’s anything but! As the San Francisco Bay Area’s premier resource for fine in-home professionals, they work tirelessly to provide your home with the superior nannies, private chefs, household managers, and butlers you deserve.

Unsurprisingly, many of Aunt Ann’s candidates for butlers have made careers out of providing services to others – though not necessarily as butlers. Today, most domestic professionals have grown into a residential career after decades spent working in similar, but not identical, industries.


A 2013 article by Forbes discussed the shifting nature of in-home help, and detailed how numerous modern-day butlers have spent years working as hotel concierge, assisting companies, or supporting well-to-do individuals in other capacities. When this is the case—and it often is—Aunt Ann’s ensures that the candidate is thoroughly qualified for the position they’re seeking! Even before you meet with an applicant, the professional staffing agency has vetted and pre-approved the candidate, and even from there, have only chosen the ones that meet your butler-related needs.


When you’re looking to hire a full-time professional to assist you in your home, you can’t just bring anyone in off the street! Only Aunt Ann’s has the qualifications, awards, and history of success guaranteed to find you the perfect complement to your family and your home. Get in touch with the San Francisco Bay Area agency today, and start discovering the ideal private chefs, estate managers, nannies, butlers, and more tomorrow! Find out more about Aunt Ann’s In-House Staffing by visiting the award-winning agency online today.