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As a Household Employer do I need to have workers’ compensation insurance?

Yes, California law requires all employers have workers’ compensation insurance. By law, all homeowners insurance must offer workers; compensation for “incidental” household workers’ exposure. However, “incidental” is typically defined as 15 hours or less.

Homeowner’s insurance policy applications have a specific set of questions regarding the homeowner’s employees, and they require the number and amount of time worked. If the homeowner does not disclose this information they can jeopardize coverage under their policy.

Insurance carriers can add a workers compensation endorsement to the existing homeowner’s policy when the household worker is hired and their hours will exceed 15 per week.

What happens if my Household Employee is injured while at work and I only have “incidental” coverage?

If a homeowner does not disclose to their carrier household employees who are working then the carrier has the right to deny the claim under this coverage. The actual coverage, limits, requirements, and restrictions vary from carrier to carrier.

It is recommended that if you plan to employ a household worker you check with your insurance agent and make sure your homeowner’s policy will protect you if your employee is injured while working for you.

How do you obtain coverage?

Contact your insurance agent and investigate your coverage. Or contact: Vince Ginocchio; Personal Lines Manager; Heffernan Insurance Brokers, 1-800 655-7796,

In about 10 minutes they can assess your situation and give you a complimentary, no obligation phone consultation.