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Aunt Ann’s In-House Staffing is the Bay Area’s premier staffing service that provides households with everything from housekeepers and private chefs to household managers and office staffing. They know that when busy professionals and executives are looking for the best staffing solutions, it’s not always apparent what might best suit their needs. While household managers may seem antiquated to some and an executive assistant too “executive,” taking a close look at what services these professionals actually provide will help define the difference.

Traditionally, household managers were fashioned and trained to take on the running of the grounds, estate or manor, which still holds true today. However, recently household managers have also taken on more administrative duties. This means behaving a lot more like a right-hand person with duties extending to travel arrangements, managing household finances and making special purchases and maintenance orders. Finally, the household manager oversees domestic staff and has a full understanding of what is required of each employee and holds them accountable. But, even with all of these highly skilled and professional responsibilities, household managers aren’t exempt from taking on the personal shopping of the lady and gentlemen of the house or making sure that something as simple as laundry is in order.


Conversely, executive assistants (EA) are commonly associated with the office, in that they do differ from household managers, although the tech boom has prompted many executives to understand the benefits of having an EA on the home front. Why? An EA has traditionally had the ability to run the show when the boss is away, and more and more people are managing that operation from home.


Executive assistants have very much the same level of professionalism, work dedication and frequently exert the managerial and operational expertise attributed to household managers. However, executive assistants are commonly employed to help the executive reach his/her professional goals and also take on important secretarial functions including book-keeping, investments and managing other intimate affairs. All in all, executive assistants are intimately involved in the organization of the professional and personal life of the executive.


While modern necessities appear to be merging these occupations together, understanding the differences can help people make a decision about staffing needs. When you need to find the right staffing solution, call Aunt Ann’s In-House Staffing at (415) 749-3650 and their staffing experts will find you the right assistance.