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As much as you’d love to witness every step of your child’s development firsthand, sometimes it’s just not plausible. Between busy schedules and a multitude of other daily responsibilities, parents often find they could use a helping hand with child rearing. Here’s a helpful guide to the differences between a nanny and a Newborn Care Specialist to help you make the best hiring decision for your unique family unit.



The Purpose & Duties of a Nanny

  • When you have a busy schedule, a nanny can truly be a lifesaver. Primarily responsible for your child’s well-being, a nanny provides supportive care by tending to your child’s physical and emotional needs.
  • Nannies provide long term daytime care for children as young as a few weeks old through school-age, and can help with implementing daily activities for development, establish feeding and nap schedules, provide occasional overnight care, and even accompany your family when traveling.
  • This professional is also a huge asset when it comes to running your household as well. A nanny can perform a variety of tasks ranging from laundry help and light household cleaning to homework help and meal planning and preparation.


The Purpose and Duties of a Newborn Care Specialist

  • Although the birth of a new child is an exciting time, new parents can often feel overwhelmed when their new baby finally arrives. From a lack of sleep to a variety of new responsibilities, it’s no wonder many parents experience stress during this time. A Newborn Care Specialist can serve as your in-home newborn expert and a new parent’s greatest asset during this tricky transitional phase.
  • Newborn Care Specialists typically provide short-term overnight care for a few weeks or months at a time and will help to ensure your baby receives the nurturing and attention they need for healthy development.
  • NCS duties can include everything from diapering and bottle feeding to bathing and helping to establish an eating and sleeping schedule for your newborn. They can also provide parents with resources for breastfeeding, postpartum support, and more.


Making the Right Choice for Your Family

Every family unit is different and will have its own unique needs depending on several factors, including the number of parental units, the age of the children, the number of children, and varying work schedules. New parents are best served by considering their specific child care needs and making their decision based on which professional would most closely meet them.