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With many parents working remotely for the foreseeable future and nannies quickly returning back to work, it’s important to recognize and discuss how to make these new work arrangements effective for everyone. With planning and communication, it is possible to your make your new work-from-home life a smooth transition. Here are our tips for making it a successful one!



  • Be clear in your job description. You want to be upfront during the hiring process so candidates know what to expect. You may want to screen for candidates who have prior experience working with parents at home which could make for a smoother transition.
  • For nannies returning to work, have a discussion about what the new arrangement will look like. Listen to their feedback and make sure your nanny is comfortable with your expectations. If she is uncomfortable, you may need to consider alternative care.


  • Whether you already have a home office, or will be designating a spare room or bedroom for work, be sure to establish your working space. Do not use a common area such as the kitchen, living room or den, as this can be disruptive to the routines of your children and nanny.
  • Try to limit your interactions with your children. These interruptions can be upsetting and confusing for them. Know that a great nanny will have daily activities planned and are keeping your children engaged. In the case of something serious, like an injury or argument, trust that your nanny will approach you and keep you informed.


  • You’re bound to have daily work calls and video conferences while working remotely. Check in with your nanny each morning and go over the schedule. Discuss with your nanny an ideal time for them to take the children on a walk, or designate a block of time each day, so you can have a quiet space to conduct important phone calls without interruptions.


  • Nannies do what they do because they love taking care of children, and often that looks like full-charge care. Knowing a parent is at home can be difficult for children. Communicate with your kids that you will be working in your office and recognize your nanny’s leadership in front of them.


  • One of the benefits of working from home can be having a more flexible schedule. Be sure to define your end time in advance with your nanny. If you say your work day ends at 5 p.m., be prompt in relieving your nanny. You want to be respectful of your nanny’s time so if you anticipate needing her earlier or later one day, communicate these changes and confirm with your nanny first.


  • Communicate with your nanny at least once a week. Check in with them regarding your children and any areas that need attention. Be receptive to feedback and suggestions. Communication is key to all successful relationships!