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With schools closed and unlikely to reopen soon, balancing work while keeping children engaged and managing their education and day-to-day schedule is a daunting task for any parent. Our credentialed candidates are available to assist with your educational needs during this difficult time and can help bring some normalcy back into your home.
One of the greatest advantages of an online tutor is the benefit of scheduling instruction when it works best for your family! Are your children more focused in the morning? Right after they’ve had lunch? Busy with conference calls in the afternoon and could really use that time to focus? Online tutors can provide the flexibility you need to keep everyone on track.
Credentialed Teachers
Our candidates are certified professionals with experience teaching inside and outside the
classroom. With formal backgrounds in material for all ages ranging from Math, Language Arts,
French, Social studies and more. Your child’s needs are covered!
Progress Reports
Candidates are readily available to parents for daily or weekly check-ins to monitor progress and discuss lesson plans.
Personalized Education
When working with an online tutor, your child’s needs can be more easily tailored to. And without the distraction of other students, children can focus on the lesson at hand, feel more comfortable asking questions and learn at their own pace.
While many kids may be thrilled to be at home, normalcy provides relief and a sense of security during unprecedented times. Hiring a tutor can help re-establish that routine and help your children continue to thrive.
As always please let us know how we can better help you and your family at this time
All the best,
The Aunt Ann’s Team