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Closets can quickly fill up with clothing, accessories, and other household items. This disarray can prevent you from finding what you need, from a favorite dress to a formal suit, especially if you share the space with a partner. Here are some ways a laundress can help tackle closet organization.



Getting Rid of Anything You Don’t Wear

It will be much easier to organize your closet if there are fewer clothes. Most people hold onto much more than they actually wear, so you can clear space by getting rid of anything that doesn’t fit or that you haven’t worn in over a year. If you struggle with decluttering, a laundress can assist with going through everything in your closet. Have them donate unwanted items and only put the items you really love and wear regularly back in.


Separating Items by Category

It’s easier to find items if you only have to look through a certain section. Instead of hanging up every article of clothing together, a laundress will put the sweaters, jeans, dresses, and special occasion outfits in different areas.

They can use clothing dividers to specify which items go in which sections or you may want to hire a contractor to create a custom closet that adds more shelves and drawers for belts and purses. A laundress can even color code clothing within the sections, which will help your eye automatically find specific outfits.


Investing in Quality Supplies for Optimal Space

More can fit in your closet if you have containers for every type of clothing and accessory you use. Many items, like blouses and pants, may simply go on hangers; choosing the same brand is important, however, for creating a cohesive look and ensuring everything is hung at the same height. Opt for wood or velvet hangers over plastic since they prevent clothes from slipping.

Your laundress can set up baskets, bins, or drawers in the closet for folded items, shoes, and accessories. Be sure to measure the shelving space and take stock of your items to determine the correct sizes and ensure everything fits in place.