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As a busy parent, you may need an experienced nanny to provide on-going support and care as you raise your child. Finding the right candidate for the job can be a challenge. Before finding a babysitter or nanny through word of mouth or a “help wanted” advertisement, here’s a list of reasons why you should seek help from a staffing agency.



1. We Can Help You Better Understand Your Needs


For parents that haven’t worked with a nanny before, it can be difficult to fully articulate what you’re looking for in terms of roles, responsibilities, and personality. By working with Aunt Ann’s, you’ll be asked questions about your household and your family’s specific needs so you can fully grasp what you’re looking for and find the right fit.


After that, you can check-in periodically to provide updates on the relationship and how your nanny is working out. If there are concerns or issues, we can help find solutions and provide insight on how to be a great communicator once you’ve employed your nanny.


2. We Save You Time


The process of asking for recommendations and conducting interviews can be incredibly time-consuming and stressful. With our agency on your side, we’ll tackle the brunt of the work so you can focus on your little ones and getting the support you need.


3. We Present Properly Vetted Candidates


A major benefit of working with a nanny agency is the vetting process. Before you’re introduced to a candidate, they’ll be screened by our agency. We also perform background checks, reach out to references, and double-check our nannies’ training and experience, so only the best nannies come across your desk.