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Hiring a private chef or home cook isn’t just for people with large families. There are many ways to benefit from having a little help in the kitchen. Aunt Ann’s In-House Staffing in San Francisco makes it easy to find the perfect cook, chef, housekeeper, or nanny to suit your needs.


For over 50 years, their domestic staffing experts have been helping people connect with qualified kitchen professionals who make daily life easier and more enjoyable. Here are three ways hiring a private chef can markedly improve your life:


  • In-house cooks and chefs save you time. Having your own cook or chef doesn’t just save you time in the kitchen, it eliminates the need to plan and shops for meals. At first you may want to collaborate with them, but once they learn your likes and dislikes, as well as any dietary concerns, they can create delicious dinners with minimal input from you.
  • It makes eating healthy food easier and more enjoyable. Eating out, even in expensive restaurants, is never as healthy as eating home-cooked meals. Restaurants tend to load their dishes with butter, fat, and oil to improve the taste of each dish. When you choose from a restaurant’s menu, you have very little control over calories or food preparation. And you’re limited to the offerings at hand, which can become repetitive. With a private chef, you have absolute control over your diet. You can request low-carb recipes, allergen-specific considerations, or other health-conscious options.
  • Entertaining becomes a breeze. If you enjoy entertaining in your home, just wait until you have your own cook! You’ll actually get to enjoy holidays and parties, instead of spending most of the day in the kitchen. Welcome your guests and relax as you enjoy the cuisine of your choosing without having to lift a finger or deal with crowded restaurants and reservations.


From impromptu romantic dates to large family affairs and busy weeknight dinners, everything is easier when someone can take care of the cooking for you! To learn more about hiring an in-home cook or a personal chef, call Aunt Ann’s In-House Staffing at (415) 749-3650.